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Habitat’s work seeks to embody a beautiful silence that the firm associates with attributes such as composure, self-evidence, durability, presence, and integrity. The fundamental idea being that a building should exist by itself, it should not represent anything except being.  For the principle architects, it is not only important how a floor, stair, wall, room or façade look, but also how they feel when one touches them with his or her fingertips, how they smell, how they resonate and sound. This constant effort to try to instil sense into materials is a result of multiple experiments with their tangibility, smell, and acoustic qualities. As a result, the firm’s scepticism toward abstraction, the diagrammatic and generalizations, visa-vies their interest in detail, fabric, texture, the sensual quality of materials and surfaces and the individuals who exist in these environments are part of this growing architectural language. The firm believes there is no coherent materiality or spatiality but rather a juxtaposition of various materials and different levels of representation. By moving in and around his work, we can simultaneously perceive discontinuity and synthesis. The building enables us to simultaneously experience the duality of identity between the family and the individual.


We specialize in all types of Interior Design services such as remodelling and renovation. Our team of professional are equipped with the technical knowledge to advise you in honing your style to maximizing your space to make it most natural to you.


We are deeply committed to providing the highest standards of architectural design. We cater to a wide range of architectural needs from residential to regional design projects. Our team of professionals are well-trained team of architects and design engineers that work together to create sustainable and aesthetically stimulating masterpieces.