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Zafar Masud Chaudhary

Founder Partner
Principal Architect

Ranjodh Singh

Founder Partner
Principal Architect


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A key belief heralded by Habitat Architects is that architecture should be perceived as a three-dimensional fabric woven in ways that emphasize movement and interaction. The projects establish themselves as networks of forces and connections which are elevated by highly advanced generation and construction. The forms challenge the notion of space and functionality, exemplifying the use of computation and digital techniques that the firm has been experimenting and developing in depth. This parallel research trajectory, provides the intellectual climate and employs architecture thinking to explore the forces that shape the contemporary built environment.








Our Story

In 1994, Zafar and Ranjodh created the firm Habitat Architects, and proceeded to investigate into the possibilities of using space as a narrative tool to articulate and reinforce a sense of identity. In the last 25 years, Habitat Architects have made a national impact in the field of design due to his clear and rigorous thought with a reinforced human dimensionality. Its ongoing legacy can be traced through the various national awards he has been entrusted, the prominent ones being “Designers of the Year “in 2012 and a feature in ‘Best Interior Designers’ in Architectural Digest’s Top 50.

Throughout its history, the firm has focused on the physical articulation of the work. As such it has acquired a unique arsenal which combines attention to detail with its ability to facilitate constructive dialogue. Therefore, the firm has heralded a series of complex architectural and construction projects from inception to completion and as such has consistently let the firm design audaciously knowing fully to what extend construction is possible.  

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